Creative & Development Team

Pearl Studio Creative Development team is an East-meets-West blend that focuses on original idea development.

Our goal is to create refreshing and inspired films that feature the best of Eastern authenticity and relatability and Western story techniques and expertise.

Over the years, our team has successfully planned and hosted various creative events, such as Brain Trust Summit, Artist in Residence, Magic Hour, etc.

that bring together filmmakers, creatives, artists and animation lovers.

2018 Artists in Residence
2017 #1
2017 #2
Brain Trust Summit

Every December, Pearl Studio invites a number of the best storytellers from around the globe to become a part of Pearl Studio family.

These thought leaders come to our Shanghai office for a week of brainstorming, film viewing, outreach panel and other fun activities.

They will discuss hot industry topics with us from a multidimensional and interdisciplinary perspective,

a source of inspiration for our future content creation and pan-entertainment development.

Artists in Residence

Artists in Residence is a new program launched by Pearl Studio in 2017.

We invite artists with different skills to be part of our Pearl Studio family and engage in dialogue with our creative team and in-house visual development artists.

Targeting visual development artists, songwriters, screenwriters and storyboard artists, this program offers weeklong residences to our invitees.

Our Artist in Residence alums are expected to come up with their own storyboards, songs and takes to make our projects even more fun and exciting.

Magic Hour

Magic Hour is a communication platform built for local talents.

This program has been operated in various forms such as filmmaker workshop,

screenwriting seminar and summer film festival where our creative team share thoughts with industry professionals.

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