About Pearl Studio

Pearl Studio is one of the world’s leading creators of animated entertainment for the global family market and is currently in production on EVEREST, directed by Jill Culton and to be released worldwide through Universal Pictures in 2019. The studio is also currently producing OVER THE MOON, an animated musical feature film event directed by legendary animator and Academy Award winning filmmaker Glen Keane. The film will be distributed theatrically in Greater China and by Netflix worldwide.
Headquartered in Shanghai with branches in New York and Los Angeles, the studio is backed by a CMC Capital Partners-led consortium. Pearl Studio is focused on Animation Film Production, Copyright Operations, Ancillary Businesses (Merchandising, Joint Promotion, Interactive Entertainment and Location Based Entertainment) and Digital Content. The company was previously operated as a Joint Venture known as Oriental DreamWorks, which co-produced the first American-Chinese animated co-production KUNG FU PANDA 3, which generated more than $500M in Worldwide Box Office revenues and was one of the most successful animated films ever released in China.


Our Office

As one of the leading animation studios in China, Pearl Studio has developed a unique style and artistic creativity.

The company is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including top-level office devices, reading rooms, editing rooms, VTC conference rooms,

and professional 3D theaters, creating a world-class environment for animated content creation.

Pearl Studio has recently launched our Creative Space. Creative professionals and media are welcomed to visit.

If you have an interest in visiting, please drop a message to contact@pearlstudio.com.


  • 12F, No.600, Middle Longhua Road

    Shanghai, China


  • 152 West 57th Street, 25th Floor

    New York City


  • 6061 Sunset Boulevard, Floor 2

    Los Angeles

    CA 9002

You’re welcome to contact us by calling our office during business hours at 021-33393339

(Business Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm).


  • What is Pearl Studio’s style?

    As a multinational company headquartered in Shanghai, we are focusing on creating Hollywood-level ani-
    mated films and original family entertainment contents for audiences in and outside of China.

  • How to contact you if I’m interested in working for you?

    Click on “Career” to search and apply for jobs or follow our WeChat account (search ID: Pearlstudios) for
    latest openings.

  • Do you offer open houses and how to apply if I’m interested in visiting?

    We offer visit days and open houses on an occasional basis. For special requests, please email to con-
    tact@pearlstudio.com or click “Event” to learn more.

  • How do I contact you for business purpose?

    Please call +86-21-33393339 during office hours and leave information about your business. Your request
    will be routed to the appropriate person and returned promptly.

  • Where else can I see your latest updates?

    Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo and Wechat or contact us at your best convenience.

  • How do I contact you for media enquiries?

    For media inquiries, please contact us at rachel.zhao@pearlstudio.com.

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Design Concept

The Pearl Studio logo portrays the spirit of ancient philosophy from the East working in harmony with modern technique from the West. While the symbolism of the hand, the pearl, and the halo are deeply rooted from the East; the modern, Western treatment of the logo completes the company’s DNA.

The hand is cradling and offering a precious bright pearl, borrowing the meaning from an old Chinese phrase “bright pearl in the palm” . This is the visualisation of Pearl Studio producing films with exceptional creativity, craftsmanship; and its belief in bringing joy to families; offering this treasure from the Orient to billions across the world.

The formation of the hand in one dynamic single stroke symbolises Pearl Studio’s original creation process from start to the end; while the use of the halo, not only does it form the “P” for Pearl, it also celebrates harmony and completeness.